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About the company

Silentflex® - vibration supports of European quality from the manufacturer and an individual approach to solving your problem

Briefly about the company

Tejasa TC was founded in Bilbao in northern Spain in 1989 and started its activity as a distributor of anti-vibration products of such well-known brands as Continental, Paulstra and Vibrachoc.

Over the years of cooperation with leading companies, we have managed to study the specifics of the anti-vibration products market and make our own contribution to its development.

In 2011, we started research and development (R&D) to develop our own production. This is how the Silentflex® brand of anti-vibration products appeared, combining the best qualities of modern vibration supports and its own innovative developments.

We have our own laboratory, which allows us to develop and successfully patent unique products under our Silentflex® brand, as well as conduct research confirming the effectiveness of our vibration isolators.

Our main values are the creation of high-quality and durable anti-vibration supports in full compliance with ISO 9001 standards, as well as maximum adaptation to the needs of the client and an individual approach to solving any problem.
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Our company today

We produce and sell a wide range of products, starting from traditional rubber-metal vibration supports and ending with an ever-expanding range of modern all-metal vibration isolators of standard models and made entirely to order.

We also offer our patented innovative development - anti-vibration floating floor (PCT / ES2008 / 000469, USA 13 / 463.320), which will perfectly cope with noise reduction and vibration isolation (or we will refund the money).

Our company never stands still. We are constantly developing and adding new products to our catalog. In addition, we are always open to new cooperation in order to be able to offer the best service to our customers.

If you have a problem, we will not only find the optimal solution for you, but also take responsibility for organizing the delivery and passing all customs formalities. INCOL LLC, our partner and specialist in the field of international supplies and customs procedures, helps us in this.:
Website: https://incoll.ru
E-mail: incoll@incoll.ru

The history of our company

The foundation of the Tejas company (Bilbao) for the distribution of vibration supports of various brands
Tejasa develops innovative all-metal vibration supports instead of traditional rubber ones
Registration of the Silentflex® metal insulators trademark in the EU, USA and China
The first patent in Eurasia (PCT/ES2018/070304, elastic sleeve)

Our clients

Construction and earthquakes
Electronics and devices


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