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7 reasons to choose metal pillows



Silentflex® all-metal pillows

this is a high-strength, reliable and durable shock-absorbing (elastic) element that can be used as a separate, independent vibration isolator or a working body of a metal vibration support.


Metal pillows are made of knitting reinforcing wire made of 100% stainless steel AISI-304 or AISI-316. The wire is woven on specialized machines, on which it is given a certain wave. After rolling into a roll, the wire is pressed under high pressure to obtain the desired geometric shape and rigidity.


All-metal vibration isolator VS rubber-metal
  • Wide model range: more than 950 standard articles and more than 2000 variants of metal pillows available to order. Each pillow can have its own unique shape, size, stiffness and natural frequency. All characteristics are fully adapted to your situation. 
  • Reliability and durability: unlimited service life at rated load. Due to special calculations of the wire diameter and allowable drawdown, wear or damage to the material is almost impossible. The metal cushion has constant rigidity, retains its original shape and has no residual deformation. Withstands increased dynamic loads (5-10 times higher than static).
  • Harsh operating conditions: pillows withstand extreme temperatures (from — 90 °C to + 500 °C). Resistant to fats, oils, solvents, acids, aggressive chemicals, sunlight and fire.
  • High damping: friction between multiple strands of wire leads to very high damping of the pads, amounting to about 15-20%, and a low gain on resonance. During friction, heat is released, which is immediately output due to the high thermal conductivity of the material, preventing overheating of the metal cushion.
  • A huge range of applications: metal cushions are ideal for isolating vibrations in the field of mechanical engineering, energy, shipbuilding, construction, railway transport, aircraft, chemical industry, automotive and other areas.
  • Maximum efficiency:metal cushions withstand high static loads and extremely high dynamic loads (including accidental overloads). At the same time, they have a small weight and size, do not lose depreciation properties over time.
  • Low price: Silentflex® all-metal pillows are purchased once and for all (their service life is equal to the service life of the equipment), do not require replacement and maintenance, are not subject to wear and aging. Thus, by purchasing metal pillows, you save time and money, receiving in return a reliable product, the quality of which is guaranteed and strictly checked at every stage of production.

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